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Circle City Liquid Liner Lash Glue Pen

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Wearing lashes has never been easier! And now you can apply our fan favorite lashes in a snap. Named after the literal heart of Indianapolis, the Circle City Liquid Liner Lash Glue pen pulls double duty as an inky black liquid liner and lash adhesive. No more time waiting for that magical moment when your lash glue gets tacky so you can apply it! Line, wing, and apply in no time — then you're out the door! And the sleek liner pen means you can take it with you. No goopy gluey mess. 


Application Tips: 

  • Gently shake the pen before using. 
  • Tightly close the cap between uses and avoid leaving the pen uncapped for extended periods as this may dry out the glue and reduce adhesion over time. 
  • For better adhesion, after lining your eyes also line the lash band.