The Boroughs Are Here Just in Time for the Holidays!

With an ever expanding collection of shimmer powders we know that beauty lovers might wonder where to start when they try The New York Powders. So, we've released The Boroughs, makeup sets designed to let you try the best from every borough that's represented in our New York Collection. 

This week we dropped The Bronx and Manhattan for the first releases from The Boroughs. Each makeup set is named after one of the five boroughs across New York City and combines the bestseller shimmer shades and the corresponding lash style. 

The Boroughs features mini nested jars of shimmer powder which are a great travel-friendly solution for makeup lovers on the go. 

Manhattan Borough Set

The Manhattan Borough Set includes 1 pair of Manhattan lashes and five mini jars of New York Powders: 

  • Union Square shimmer powder
  • Murray Hill shimmer powder
  • Flatiron shimmer powder
  • Meatpacking shimmer powder
  • Hell's Kitchen shimmer powder


The Bronx Borough Set

The Bronx Borough Set includes 1 pair of The Bronx lashes and four mini jars of New York Powders: 

  • Allerton shimmer powder
  • Williamsbridge shimmer powder
  • Bronx Park shimmer powder
  • Kingsbridge shimmer powder